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Our Story

Our scarves are original designs that are created by two sisters, Nan & Susie. We pride ourselves in hand making each scarf individually and the fact that no two are the same make each one very unique. All of our scarf yarn does not have any wool, for those who are allergic.

Our scarfs are made in the USA and we seek to use materials that are made in the USA as well. Our company started in fall 2012 - We are proud to say that our scarves are "Made In America" by two sisters who live in Michigan.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that our scarves are "Sisters" not "Twins", therefore our scarves will have the same color combinations, but they will be different. Our color combinations are endless, we can create as many combinations you desire.

We are available in many specialty boutiques around the USA and Internationally. We will gladly make custom orders for collegiate, company color functions, Breast Cancer Awareness and others.

If you want to see our Current Season, browse our Catalog.

Scarves of Westwood Owners
Scarves of Westwood Owners